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laurynbrook's Journal

Lauryn Brook
10 April
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Welcome to Stepford

&hearts my name is Lauryn Brook.

&hearts i'm 21.

&hearts i graduated from Oxford High School with the class of 05!!

&hearts i tried college for a semester at JSU and I hated it, although i got to act in some great shows.

&hearts i have a fabulous fiancee' named Randy Johnson . We are perfect together. He is truly the greatest guy I have ever met. ,

&hearts the love of my life, the man who stole my heart is named Sabstian Kenlee Johnson . He is my 1 year old Maltipoo.

&hearts i love to act. It is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

&hearts i love God and I am a Christian.

&hearts i have really high morals which comes along with a lot of regrets.

&hearts i have an unhealthy obession with Tinkerbell

&hearts i love the colors pink and apple green.

&hearts i love to be around people and I'm very social.

&hearts i love sparkly things and i'm queen of accessories

i love to bake and one day i hope to open up my own backery. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

close up/


New Hair cut and color!!


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